It's a Fact

  • Arizona residents and visitors are served by 123 hospitals in 14 counties.
  • More than 73,000 of the state's citizens work in Arizona hospitals or health networks. In fact, since 1990, Arizona hospital employment growth has significantly outpaced the annual employment growth of hospitals nationally. During that time, Arizona hospital employment soared 46 percent, while nationwide, hospital employment increased 24 percent.
  • Every job at an Arizona hospital, generates an additional 1.5 jobs in the state.
  • Arizona's hospitals employ 63 percent more individuals than Arizona's hotel industry and 37 percent more than its electronics and aerospace industries.

Where Arizona's Healthcare Decision Makers Turn for Workforce Data

The nation's shortage of healthcare professionals is well documented. But just how serious is the situation in Arizona? Without the proper data, it's difficult to quantify. Established in 2007, the Arizona Healthcare Workforce Center helps answer this question by gathering and analyzing data regarding Arizona's healthcare workforce needs, and exploring successful and promising workforce practices.

A rapidly growing state like Arizona needs a robust healthcare workforce to care for its residents. The Center supports this objective by creating a repository of supply and demand data. This information serves as the foundation for further studies and projects that provide Arizona's healthcare leaders the tools they need to make critical workforce decisions and to track whether their changes are making an impact.

The Arizona Healthcare Workforce Center is sponsored by the Healthcare Institute at the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association and is a collaborative effort on the part of Arizona's healthcare community, state licensing boards, and the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Health professional licensing agencies provide supply data, as well as surveys of new licensees and practicing professionals. Demand data are generated from vacancy and turnover numbers reported by Arizona's hospitals. All data are analyzed by Arizona State University's Center for Health Information and Research, which creates trend projections, as well as demand and need-based forecasting models. The results are relevant, credible, reliable, timely information and reports that drive Arizona's healthcare organizations' workforce decisions.

Data Center start-up funding was generously provided by St. Luke's Health Initiatives, Maricopa County Workforce Connections, Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System, BHHS Legacy Foundation, and the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association..

When demand exceeds supply, a crisis is created. According to National Data, Arizona is below the national average for RNs, LPNs, physicians, pharmacists, medical technicians, paramedics, occupational therapists, physical therapists, radiology technicians, and more. The Healthcare Workforce Center's goal is to provide Arizona specific, data-driven reports for all health professions in the state for which shortages exist.